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Thread: Wad manager vs Mighty Channels, confusion. Help

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    Wad manager vs Mighty Channels, confusion. Help

    Hello everybody.

    I softmodded my black Wii, 4.3 using Mauifrogs excellent guide (bathaxx). I have really searched for an answer to my question and have found some guides I would like to follow.
    However, my knowledge about what I actually did to my Wii by softmodding it is limited and so, I am afraid I will do something wrong.

    I have looked into installing either Wad Manager or Mighty Channels.

    For Wad manager, I get the impression that "all I have to do" is to put Wad Manager in the apps folder of my SD card, put the Wad in the Wad folder and run it through the HBC.

    However, I read several places that I need to make sure I have this and that IOS (249) running, base 38 etc. But I don't know how to check these things. Also, is the risk of bricking your Wii higher with this method?

    The tutorial for Mighty Channels which I have included in a link underneath is horribly confusing to me.

    First of all, should I user Showmiiwads or SimpleFS Dumper?
    The instructions for Showmiiwads is confusing to me because I dont understand why I will have to do a NAND backup as I have already done that following Mauifrogs hack guide. Also, is this program run from the Wii or the PC? It asks for me to find my bootmii dump and I have no idea where that is

    Anyway - my questions about that guide go on and on and I realize I should probably ask those questions in that thread.

    I also got the impression that I should use a 2gig SD card, which I did when I initially hacked it. On this card I now have the apps folder, config, usb-loader and some other files which I believe I shouldnt touch. Can I move these to another DS card with more space as it seems like not many wad files would fit in the 2gig card?

    All said, I have searched the net and often only find guides for 4.2 which I don't want to follow because I am afraid to brick the Wii.

    I hope someone can give me some answers.

    Thank you very much

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    You are all confused. LOL! WAD Manger and Might Channels are two separate beast...The same with ShowMiiWads and simple FS Dumper. WAD Manager is used to install WADs to a Wii's NAND. It does not play games. You need Mighty Channels to play games. ShowMiiWads is a WAD manager that can install and extract WADs to/from a dumped NAND. Simple FS Dumper is used to actually extract your NAND. It's like BootMii but rather than dumping your NAND in two files and leaving you to decrypt it yourself Simple FS Dumper decrypts your NAND while dumping.
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    Hi WTFish,
    I'm gonna give you some BASIC info to help you on your way. Nothing will replace reading and understanding what you're doing - so askin Q's is the right thing to do.

    i) Wad manager - yes you are right. Wad manager is an app and can run via the homebrew channel simply by putting the files in as you described above.

    ii) cIOS's - You didnt link to Mauifrogs guide, but knowing how thorough he is, you almost certainly have all the correct cIOS's you will need. Also cant see danger of 'brick risk' as you have already softmodded your wii.

    iii) Mighty Channels - is a great app, and that is a great tutorial by Cile with all the links you need.
    It allows you to run wiiware and VC games from an SD/USB. This gives you loads of space for content without clogging up the wii's onboard memory (NAND) which is only 512MB!
    To fool the wii into doing this, it needs to see a NAND backup on the SD/USB. But you cant just use the 'nand.bin' from the bootmii step in the guide as it is. You will need an extracted nand (which shows up as a number of folders)

    iv) SimpleFS Dumper - an app run via Homebrew channel which can make a 'dump' of your wii's nand to SD card

    v) Showmiiwads - Really good PC programme for working with wad and nand files.

    vi) SD card - yes just copy all existing stuff to bigger card if you need.

    Like I said,this is only general advice but hope it helps

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    You need your BootMii folder and files on your SD card, not your NAND backup. If you don't have the BootMii folder and files anymore you can create a new one with the HackMii installer. If you've already got a NAND dump you can use it.
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    Thank you, both of you for the reply. I think it's starting to sort itself out in my head.

    However, I now want to enter bootmii and make a NAND backup. But it is not loading. I tried from the HBC menu and the priiloader menu (by holding reset) I get: "Could not find fat:/bootmii/armboot.bin" - Error booting bootmii IOS

    I remember doing the backup at the beginning of the whole hack, but was instructed to put this file a safe space on my computer to be able to unbrick it if needed.
    I am sort of presuming that this is the file it is looking for. Should I move it back or is the guide looking for another than the original NAND file in which case I have these questions:

    Have I updated something by mistake so that the file it is looking for has been erased?
    Will I have to do the bathaxx exploit once again?
    Or can I move the nand backup back to the SD card to run bootmii again?
    Or have I misunderstood everything (again)?

    Thanks in advance

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    Use the edit button next time to add info instead of creating an almost duplicate post and read my response above your new post.
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    Thank you - there must have been a glitch somewhere because it told me I was not signed in, when I obviously was. Post deleted.

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    Hello again. Never mind - I found the error. The might_channels folder was inside another folder. I moved it and it now works.

    Thank you all for your help.

    ---------outdated info, leaving it for other n00bs-----------

    I have now extracted the nand and put it in the root of my usb stick following the instruction. I also took a wad file and intergrated it by using Showmiiwads

    I have then put the mighty_channels folder inside the apps folder of my SD card. I downloaded the first link in the guide by Cile:

    But it does not show when I go to the HomeBrew Channel. I even tried to make an apps folder on the usb drive and switched from SD to USB in the HBC menu.
    Have I downloaded the wrong file? There are two other broken links in the guide as well.
    Should the folder have a specific name? I didn't rename it after I downloaded it.

    Please advice and thanks for what you have given me so far. It's very much appreciated.
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    do you have to have wad manage to run games of your hdd drive through usb loader? Do i really need to instal wad manager?

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    Hi Darkcide666....

    Im also brand new to the world of Wiis and every bit as confused as WTFish who originally started this thread so by all means have a big LOL at my expense too....(LOL)

    I'm also - sob sob - too poor to buy a USB drive right now so only have a 4gig SDHC card which is working just fine after Mauifrog's brilliant softmod guide.....

    I think (hope) I can follow the Mighty Channels guide but there are two things I'm not at all clear on.....

    1) right at the beginning of the guide it says this:

    Q:If you can load games of SD card via SD menu why would i use this?
    A:When you load the vc/wiiware like that the games have to be installed to your nand everytime you launch them so it wears out while if you use Mighty Channels your are using your SD or USB and causes no harm to your wii.

    Huh ?

    Now computers I understand VERY well, so is NAND like firmware (microcode) or is it RAM ?......either way, why would it "wear out" just cos you load stuff to it ?

    If I'm stuck for now with my tiny SDHC card - and considering I only have about 110 megabytes of WiiWare - would I be better off installing/playing them some other way if the NAND file's gonna take up 500 megs of my card that I could use for another of my disc backups instead ? (Since like most people I hate discs and my daughter's bound to ruin them sooner rather than later....)

    Thanx in advance for any help.....this is a terrific forum.......

    Oh, and a very Happy New Year to all......(I left New York long ago to live in Spain so I've only got 3 hours to

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