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Thread: Brawlbox gct file not working on Wiiflow

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    Question Brawlbox gct file not working on Wiiflow

    Hello again! O.k. So I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wiiflow put the gct file in SD:/Wiiflow/gct
    When I start up Wiiflow, Brawl loads up, but after the now loading screen on Brawl goes away it takes me to a black screen.
    I've tried using it with the actual Brawl disk with Gecko, and it works.
    Does Brawlbox just not work with Wiiflow?

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    Does anyone know or have the same problem?

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    Well...Firstly maybe nobody is answering because you are asking members to break our rules.

    d) WiiHacks does not provide support for game cheating or cheat codes. Do not request or provide cheat codes or assistance in game cheating.

    And secondly there is the bumping your thread issue.

    d) Responses depend on the availability, expertise, and good-nature of other members and staff. Do not “bump” your post within 24 hours of posting.

    Thread closed.
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