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Thread: WiiFlow 2.2 (r304) Sam and Max Season 1 WMD files and Alt.dol's

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    WiiFlow 2.2 (r304) Sam and Max Season 1 WMD files and Alt.dol's

    I've been able to get WiiFlow to use alt-dol's on games like SSX and House of the Dead but I haven't been able to able to select the alt-dol's on Sam and Max Season 1. It even says on the WiiFlow site, under games settings that "Both require a WDM file to play each chapter (this is included in Wiiflow 2.2 RC1)." It says it's included but I don't have in option to change the alt-dol on the game (i see R3M.wdm and R3X.wdm in \wiiflow\codes\wdm of my SD card). I've been able to use Configurable USB loader to play the game by selecting the alt-dol's and selecting the episodes but I don't see options to select the episodes in Wiiflow. What am I missing to get this to work in Wiiflow? Do I have to move the WDM file to another directory? If so why did all the other alt-dol's show up in Wiiflow but not this one? Shouldn't there be at least 6 alt-dol's for this game (one for each chapter)?

    Thanks in advance, I feel like I'm missing something vary obvious here.

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    Here on wiihacks we have a list of problematic games and the solution to getting them to work. On this game it has only given the option to use cfg usb loader or neogamma, i suggest u have a look at the guide.

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    Thanks for your suggestion, I've been reading the guides but still hasn't helped. I know I have to use the alt-dol's but can't get it to work with Wiiflow. I've gotten it working with cfg usb loader but I was wanting to get it to work on Wiiflow. I've searched (here and internet) and can't find anything on how to get it work with Wiiflow (does say to use the alt-dol's) The Wiiflow site and other internet searches have seemed to have gotten it to work with the alt-dol's but I can't seem to figure out how. I just can't get the alt-dol to show in the alt-dol menu for the game.

    I'm happy playing the game in cfg usb loader, but it just really bugs me that everything I'm finding is telling me that I should be able to use Wiiflow to play it and I can't get it to work.

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    Finally got it figured out and wanted to let anyone else know what the issue was incase they miss it too. It was something obvious I was missing, as long as you have 2.2-rc1 pack installed on you sd card (which I did), you just have to click on the game once and stay on that menu (do not go into the settings, that was my mistake) and look at the bottom left of the screen (you have to hover you pointer over it or it won't be there, another mistake I had). You'll have a bar there where you can select the chapter (it will default to the main menu, which is pretty much useless) and then launch the game and it will come right up to that chapter.

    It was a case of me getting confused between the alt-dol's and the wdm's confused (thought the wdm's gave you the alt-dol's) and clicking too quick on the settings before looking at the whole screen. It does kind of blend in to the game cover and the background of the wiiflow menu too.

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    glad you got it sorted, thread closed

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