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Thread: homebrew channel was uninstall

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    Cool homebrew channel was uninstall

    i hack my wii and then got the homebrew channel uninstall. i try to use the hackmii installer with the game indiana pwns to put it back on my wii to no luck .

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    4.3u if this is what your asking

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    Just follow the guide fron the very start again. Try deleting the pwn save first then start all over from the beginning.

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    how do i delete pwn .i try playing the game agin and following the guide agin but it does nothing it says that the data already exists in the wii system memory

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    Go to wii settings hit data and delete the pwn. This is where all of your game saves are at.

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    i try that i delete the save files and try to follow the guide and it went no where

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    Ok, delete the save game file in data management. Do a full format of your sd card. Make sure you are not using a sdhc sd card. After you format it start from the begining by putting the hackmii installer on your card. Next put card in your Wii. Click on the sd logo and make sure it is set up to read your card. Next start the game and let it load up. Next exit the game and go to data management and open SD, choose the pwn for your region and copy to system. Now go to the game and start it. Choose load game. Play the game and go to the art room and you will see a character on the left podium. Go to it and choose the two little guys with a arrow between them abd hit A on you wiimote and the Hackmii installer will load.

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    i try all that when i go to the two guys and hit the arrowit just goes to the other guy it does not install the hackmii im yousing a sandisk card from wii 2gb

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    Just go here, follow the "other desperate options" spoiler in the guide if the way if the disc exploits don't work.

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