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Thread: What 32 gb sd cards actually work with wiikey fusion?

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    What 32 gb sd cards actually work with wiikey fusion?

    Hi all, hope you can help me with an sd card problem I'm having since installing the wiikey fusion mod chip last week. Games load fine off dvd-r but my main prob is getting games to load off my new 32gb class 6 Transcend sd card. The games show up in the game selection menu but freeze up the wii when trying to load them, Gamecube games load no probs from sandisk 2gb card though. So my question is what brand of sd cards have my fellow fusion owners managed to get working and is anyone actually using a 32gb card? Replies will be most welcome.

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    32 gig

    it can also be the games

    rock band 2 and 3 will not run if you have other games on the sd-card
    i use 4 / 8 / 16 gig cards and have no problem with that size

    hope this helps

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