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Thread: No system menu, can still play game backups.

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    No system menu, can still play game backups.

    After installing a lot of WADs that I had found from an online tutorial (not from here), I think I may have corrupted my system menu. Whenever I boot up my Wii, I see a black screen with "4.2U" on the bottom of the screen. I can still get to the system menu and Homebrew Channel by loading in a game, then pressing the home button, but I was wondering if there was anything I could do get System Menu working normallly again.

    My system is a 4.2U Wii and I have Bootmii installed along with DarkCorp (It is an old model with a disc drive that plays backups). Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Check your priiloader hacks, and be sure everything that says "recovery" is turned off.
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    That fixed it. Everything works normally now, thank you!


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