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Thread: Updated, need help

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    Updated, need help

    I have a friend who has updated to 4.3. He had WiiFlow, NeoGamma R9 Beta 36, and HBC 1.0.8 ios61 v22.30. He doesnt have a backup of his nand or a boomii file being he sent it ot someone and had it modded and it didn't get returned with such. I was trying to help him out buy using the guide to mod any wii. I'm guessing that I can't do anything to save what he had on there, and I was going to start the guide at the point where his Wii is already modded but I can't get BootMii to load with no BootMii file. Is it possible to start the guide from the begging as if his Wii isn't modded? Need pointed in the right direction please, thanks!

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    Just use the guide thats on here from the very start. Do not skip any steps on the guide. You will need one of the games listed since it is all updated to 4.3. You will be good to go!

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