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Thread: hope Im not too late questions

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    Ca hope Im not too late questions

    Hi all,

    I hope I am posting in the right section as I am new to this site and the whole modding thing. I recently installed homebrew and wiiflow on my 4.3u black wii. After doing that I found out about this community. My wii works fine and I can play my backed up games from my usb without any problems. I did see a guide from mauifrog which seems a lot better than the one that I followed. Now I have a couple questions.
    1. As I didnt back up my NAND files will it work if I get the files from any other black 4.3u wii and use them as a back up or are they specific to the unit.
    2. Can I start the proccess again and follow mauifrogs guide? Will this cause any problems with my Wii? Do I need to restore everything to factory first? (and then back to question one )

    I am also trying to install some wads on my system but am reading that I can brick my system if some Cios have been compromised and what not so I am holding off on installing the wad manager 1.7 (which I need in order to get opera on my system)

    Any input would help guys. Please help

    Thank you

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    You cannot use another wii nand for your wii, they are unit specific. You can run Mauifrogs guide over top of what you have now. It will not cause any problems.

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    then I guess the nand files are gone. If I back everything up with this setup, as it is working, I guess that could use as a fail save. I do have the priloader installed so I think that is also a brick prrofing system, if I am not mistaken.

    Thank you for the quick response
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