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Thread: Usb loader gx question/help

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    Usb loader gx question/help

    so i started up usb loader gx 2day on the wii. i pressed 2 on the wii remote for the first time lol

    Then i get this message

    "If you don't have wifi press 1 to get on URL to get your"

    I pressed 1 then i got this message

    "Your URL has been saved in sd/apps/usbloader_gx/wiitdb_URL.txt
    Paste it into your to get your"

    Is this good or bad and does it affect the softmodded wii and also what does it do

    am kind of worried

    Thnx if any1 can help

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    It just lists the info on for your games like release date, number of player, supported controllers, and so forth. The file has nothing to do with softmodding, it's just a data file for GX.
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    Darkcide coverd it, you are worries there.

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    thnx for the reply guys. i actually took out the sd card from the wii and put the sd card in laptop. i copyed the link in browser and all this info came up lol.


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