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Thread: USB Loader GX Error: "can't create directory"

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    USB Loader GX Error: "can't create directory"

    Earlier today, my USB loader GX began crashing while browsing the game library. I had seen the issue before and reconfirmed it with a few quick web searches. I believed the problem to be a corrupt cover art image. rather then hunt the baddie out, I deleted the entire images directory, with the intention of just rebuilding it on the fly. However, when I try to download cover art, the download process begins but quickly shows the following error "can't create directory". I have verified that the card is not in a locked position and I have even reformatted the card. However every time I copy the apps folder and other pertinent folders to the card, they display as "readonly" when I check the attributes in windows. I have manually turned this off for each folder and watched as windows claims to have changed the setting for each subfolder. but if I click back to that folder it still shows up as readonly. I have even tried this with a totally different card, but get the same results.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on here? My wii has been hacked for nearly 2 years and this is the first I have seen of this.

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    I fixed this issue. I have reformatted the SD card, and then created the apps folder from scratch, rather than copying the existing folder back to the card. This has resolved the issue. My guess is that there was some hidden or corrupted attributes on the original apps folder I was trying to use.

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