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Thread: Willet fusion stopped working

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    Willet fusion stopped working

    I have a wii with 4.3 installed and the wiikey fusion running on 1.5. All has been well for the first couple of months, with the system running games from both sd card and DVD. However, I have just gone to play a game from sd card and the wii will not recognise the card, allow a DVD to be inserted (the DVD drive will not pull the disc into the drive) and therefore play from the disc. I have also purchased a gamecube controller for easy menu access, but haven't been able to test this due to the problems above. Has anyone else had the same problems and do they have a remedy for it? I have also tried unplugging the power and resetting the machine, but neither helps.

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    try removing the fusion and see what happens, is the wii old and might have just seen its final days?


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