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Thread: Help please after I modified my Wii

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    Help please after I modified my Wii

    Hi Lovely people
    I recently put homebrew on my EU Red Wii with 4:3 update and then continued to reintroduce the Trucha bug and then change the Ios to 236 so to play backup games ..
    How ever since my daughter wants to play a genuine retail game (busy Scissors) the wii is saying it needs an update to play this game and knows I've mod the console..
    When you press to do the update it says that there a possibitilty It'll brick the wii if I continue with the update...

    So what I would like to know is WILL it brick the wii if I do update??
    or Will it get rid off all the modding I've done and return it to original settings??

    Thanks for your time and any advice you can give me will be great

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    Why haven't you just ripped the game to your hard drive and play it from there?
    Then it wont ask for the update.
    And im guessing you dont have priiloader installed?

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    Install priiloader to bpock online and disc updates. See the link below

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    So I take it I'll brick my wii if I do the update??
    I read somewhere that updating to 4:3 just gets rid of all the mods done and returns it back to factory settings is this not true?

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    Do not update to 4.3! It will kill your softmod, and then it will harder to mod afterwards( You'll need a game exploit to mod)

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    Sooo if I do this update to play busy scissors it won't brick my wii ??
    I'm not to worried about modding as I getting striff from the wife as its my daughter wii


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