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Thread: Some easy questions. I am confused

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    Some easy questions. I am confused

    So I just got a new Wii for Christmas, and I want to do the Twilight hack and then install Homebrew Channel, and then Gecko OS. My main goal is to be able to play isos of games on DVD's from torrents. I understand how to install Homebrew and Gecko OS, but I am confused on a few things.

    I have 3.3

    Will Twilight/Homebrew/Gecko OS/WAD Manager work on my 3.3? Or do I need to downgrade?

    With Gecko OS, I can play iso games from a dvd, right? If so, do I need an LG burner, or does any DVD burned work? Cause it seems like I have heard a lot of different things.

    Thanks you so much for your help!
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    wii > settings > top right *how do people not know this =\*

    no, it only force boots, and helps modchips, without that it just gives u cheating, and region free, you need gamma

    no, the drive is to DUMP, real games

    yes, and no, theres a lot of limits, and tommorow you could brick, who knows, but it means they can freely update it
    ^ all u need to know, how to downgrade everything

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    Thanks. I have read a lot of guides on the forums, and used the search bar. But some stuff is outdated and I wanted to just make sure I was getting current answers.

    I checked, and I am 3.3.

    So exactly which apps do I need on my Wii in order to play burnt game disks? And do I need to downgrade to 3.2 first, or can I stay at 3.3?

    Sorry for all these "dumb" questions. I know I probably sound like a noob :P
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    it is hard there is so many conflicting advice around ....

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    gamma, which works best on 3.2

    and where is this conflicting advice, 90% of the questions have been anwsered by me in the past month or so.

    you can get things working if u half a** the downgrade, and sometimes we lies a bit to make things easier

    what makes more sense to you

    3.3 v2 - 3 blocks fake signed games
    3.3 v1 doesnt *theres NO WAY to tell*


    3.3 blocks fake signed games

    stuff like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogilberry View Post
    it is hard there is so many conflicting advice around ....
    no idea what advice conflicts with the things in this thread ... but they shouldn't.

    everything in here is right.

    Helpful Threads:
    Dump & Burn discs | 3.3 / 3.4 Firmware FYI | Wii Disassemble | WiiClip Install

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    So let me get this right (correct me if I am wrong)

    I use Twilight hack to install Homebrew
    I install WAD Manager
    I install Wii Gator using wad manager?

    Then I can load iso games (burnt using imgburn at 4x on DVD-R disks) using Wii Gator?

    My biggest question is: Do I really need to downgrade to 3.2, or is 3.3 fine?

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    u should, 3.3 blocks stuff LIKE wad manager =P

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    Ohhh ok. Is downgrading dangerous? Like can it brick your system for no reason? If I follow the directions exactly, will nothing wrong happen?

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