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Thread: Rom->Wad->Inject Request

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    Us Rom->Wad->Inject Request

    Just wanted to know if it is possible to inject ZER0 H0UR into the Wii's NAND. It runs better than 90% of the others on Wii64, but I'm planning on making a HD run-through and I want perfection. If someone can try it, and get it to work, and it runs at a steady 16+ FPS, please let me know.

    It's a trio, I consider ZERO HOUR, Perfect Dark, and 007 to be the top 3 campaign/4P mayhem games of the N64 era.

    A bit of motivation: Will give credit in these video walkthroughs :P

    Hop to it!

    [Watch the language].

    ...I have never installed WADS, I stray away from the danger zones of Wii Hackage, but this is an exception, assuming someone can test it and give the OK.
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