ThemeShooterTk is a cross-platform, Python based clone of ThemeShooter made by HoKaze.
It can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and most modern Unix-like operating systems so long as the following requirements are met:

Python 2.x (Python 2.6 and 2.7 should work fine)
Tkinter (should come with python)
Python Imaging Library, PIL (Tends to be included with python)
PIL: ImageTk Module (on Linux this tends to be kept separate, look for the "python-imaging-tk" package)

What started off as a quick and dirty clone of the original ThemeShooter has since grown and whilst it may be behind the original and ThemeShooterX, it should hopefully suffice for some basic "themeshots." I do intend on continuing to add to it on the rare occasion I have time. Please check the enclosed readme file for further information, bugs and what to look for in the future.


As of version 0.08:
Dummy text (with alpha)
Theme previews
Screenshot generation
Replaces missing images (apart from the background) with images from Classic theme, Dark Water v2 theme OR a custom theme of your choice
Random bubble placement on both preview and screenshots
Beginnings of an application database of sorts (possibly expanded later)
Basic configuration file support for program settings (will be expanded later)
Simple console output option, for debugging and rough speed checks
Cross-platform! (Windows-specific bugs fixed)
Less ugly buttons!

Source- wiibrew