G'day eveyone. This is my first time in this forum and from reading some of the FAQ's it appears to be a good informative and friendly site.

I have recently purchased a Wii for my son from Singapore (silly me as it is all in Chinese), and have installed it using the Australian two plug connector.

From looking at the pictures in the User's Manual I have noted it shows a 100 volt power supply and not to plug into a 200volt power supply (we are 240 volts).

I only noticed this after I connected the system and starting playing. It works rather fine however I guess I could burn the system out.

1. Is this correct?
2. Would this be the reason why it is in black and white?

When configuring it I had to choose country that I am in, and obviously it did not have any of the Oceanic Country's, namely Australia so I chose Canada.

3. Third question, can I still use this Wii system in Australia?

Any help would be great.