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Thread: I'd like to introduce myself...

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    I'd like to introduce myself...

    ....greetings from London! I'm currently living/working in Latin America but just before I left Britain I purchased a dirt cheap Wii and when I eventually return home I'm looking forward to trying out the wealth of tutorials on offer by this site. Besides, I get the impression I'll be returning home with a few (legit) imports.

    Some of the guides seem complicated but the way I see it, if I could flash the DVD firmware to region free on both my Mac's and perform data recovery from a Command Line, then surely I can manage Wii modding!

    I look forward to a lot of learning, sharing and having fun as a member here.


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    Hello Jay_The_Argonaut

    Welcome to

    Thank you for becoming a member of the best Wii modding site there is!

    Firstly it is recommended that you read the forum rules and abide by them as best you can.

    Before posting a question.Doing a simple search will help you find your answer!

    Read the Ultimate Searching Guide to perfect your search.

    Do not update to 4.3 Modding your Wii will be harder.

    Dont worry! If you did just follow Mauifrogs Softmod Any Wii [Guide] and you'll be good to go!

    Here are some other excellent guides to get you softmodded

    Shadowsonic's 4.2 System Menu Softmod Guide
    Cile's Softmod 3.0-4.2 System Menu's E/U/J Guide

    We also have a Hot Topics Forum where you will find the latest and most talked about guides & topics. Look HERE

    If you are having trouble with certain problematic games below are some helpful Guides!

    Wanna play all your backups of a HDD

    FAT32 Guide-HERE
    WBFS Guide-HERE
    NTFS Guide-HERE

    All Mod Chip Users

    Don't forget to Register for WiiHacks COD:Black Ops Tourney! Click below for details

    WiiHacks also has a IRC Chatroom! So you can talk live to members and staff!

    First read the IRC Welcome & Rules
    Shadowsonic's Guides on ChatZilla and mIRC will have you connected in no time!

    And lastly,if you feel like WiiHacks has helped you in any way,please Donate so we can keep helping!

    By Donating, you can get a nice looking banner under your name as well as other privileges.

    Enjoy your stay!


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