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Thread: burning downloaded iso

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    burning downloaded iso

    can you burn downloaded iso, or do you have to batch them. I have starfall installed and it is set not to allow game updates

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    download the file
    extract the iso *should be 4.3 gigs*
    download and install imgburn
    right click "burn in imgburn"
    put in a dvd *verbatim -r recomended*
    set to a slow speed *if it fails use 4x*
    put in the wii and enjoy

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    Few of my games won't play... after inserted into the Wii, i get a black screen asking me to eject the disc and turn off the Wii.

    am I doing something wrong? 70% of them worked fine, but all the good games can't play.

    This is soooo confusing

    Wii 3.3U, Wiikey 1.2

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    fake signed games wont work, could be a bad burns or isos

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    Us Hello

    Hello Everyone.

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    get wiikey firmware 1.9s
    I am the SSBB master...

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    Quote Originally Posted by smasher164 View Post
    get wiikey firmware 1.9s
    Sounds like he's on a WiiKey 2. The 1.2 firmware is the latest for that version.

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