This is a review of $30.99 - USB Powered Component Video to LCD VGA Converter Compatible with PSP Slim 2000/Wii/PS3 (1600*1200) - Sony PSP Accessories

I bought this box after noticing that the cable I got before that failed badly (review of that can be found here)
I was looking for a composite to VGA converter when I found this component to VGA converter for a lot cheaper.

Since this is a component to VGA converter, you're gonna need component cables for your wii. You don't need expensive cables, $4.92 - Just-Works 480p Component AV Cable for Wii - Wii Accessories works fine for me.

First off I was a bit sceptical about this device, there's only 2 reviews and 1 is positive while the other is negative (both while using it with a wii)
I decided to take the risk, and I'm happy about it.

All the cons in the negative review don't seem to apply to me at all
The color is washed out. This is due to a weak vga signal, which causes many problems. If you use a vga cable longer than the included cable your monitor will probably not detect a signal. As well, if your house is not new (less than 10 years old), it is likely that your screen will occasionally go black for a few seconds (very infrequently.) Say a motor (ceiling fan, compressor for a fridge) turns on in your house and causes a small surge/dip in power. The signal from the vga is weak and the noise ratio goes up and the monitor believes it lost signal. This has been confirmed at 2 houses, 2 monitors, and two different boxes (my friend also purchased one of these)
The vga switch is terrible, its hardly even useful. Anything passing through the vga switch on this box is degraded to the point its unbearable.
For me, the colors look fine. Since I'm not using the VGA cable that came with it, I can't tell if that might be the problem.
The blackout for a few seconds doesn't seem to be true either. I've been using it for 2 weeks now without noticing this problem even once. (I connected it with an external power supply rather then using the USB port on the wii for power. Which might be the cause)

Since I already bought a high quality VGA switch (with only a small button on my desk rather then the whole device), I'm not using the VGA switch on this device so I can't tell if that is good or not.

- Use your computer monitor or a spare VGA port on your TV for the wii.
- Component input, the highest quality the wii can output
- USB powered, no need for weird adapters or voltage problems. Alternatively you can buy a mini-USB charger for a phone to power this device.

- Can only convert 480p signal so gamecube games (and possibly virtual console) will not show properly or at all (my monitor will give a "not supported" message)
- Because of the above, you have to put your wii in 480p using a real TV
- VGA cable that comes with the device is low quality (can easily be replaced)

This is a great device if you want to play wii games on your computer monitor. Sadly it won't work for gamecube games or other stuff that doesn't run in 480p (I haven't had any trouble with homebrew yet so that should be fine)