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Thread: Black screen with CoD Black Ops in a hardmodded Wii and unable to run SysCheck

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    Black screen with CoD Black Ops in a hardmodded Wii and unable to run SysCheck

    Hello all,

    I recently updated my hardmodded Wii with system 3.2E, Homebrew channel and Gamma channel loader to IOS56-64-v5661 and IOS57-64-v5918 using the following guide:

    IOS249 - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial

    in order to play a backup of Black Ops. Unfortunately, with the disc channel it gets stuck in the first black screen and with Gamma channel loader, I got the 002 error.

    Bizarrely, I tried to play Resident Evil 0 and it gets stuck in the same black screen as Black Ops and it doesn't even work on the Gamma channel loader. So, I thought this update may have some regression

    In order to check all the IOS in my system, I run SysCheck and to my surprise, it got into the same black screen as the two games above, so I didnt get any data. I was, however, able to tun IOSinfo in the IOS249 and I got:

    IOS249 get_ios_base:
    a4 17 ce 6e, 73 16 38 9d, e1 f6 35 ad, 92 d6 d 5c, ab 11 98 69 HBC Version: 1, IOS: 36

    Anyone for help please?? Im a bit lost...


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    It appears you have a corrupted IOS, or something of the sort, more than likely from not using a wiihacks guide. If i were you, i would do the softmod any wii guide in my signature to clear things up. If you wish to go an alterative route, follow the update all your IOS guide but you will have to go on a google for that one.
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