Homebrew coder 5h4d0w has updated his handy "Plugin Manager" for the PSP. Tagged as version 1.4_1, the latest updates includes the following changes and improvements...


version 1.4_1:

Removed an alert for adding a plugin. Now it only asks to enable or not.
Added an option to set the browser to auto-start in "/seplugins/" instead of the root.
Now uses backslash quotes for some strings (prints [bla "blablabla" bla] instead of [bla 'blablabla' bla]).
All config options that are strings also have quotes.
Not really an improvement but it looks better this way (IMO).
version 1.4:
Pressing triangle in the browser acts as a shortcut to the previous directory
The browser now loops around on itself
The browser now displays when you can scroll up or down in a directory ("/" and "/")
Pressing left/right in the browser and main plugin display now scrolls constantly (great for huge folders/plugin lists)
The app will NOT loop around while holding left or right. This in intentional, not a bug.
"flash0:/" plugin loading implemented
The forceMS0 option has been removed and replaced with a device selector
The device selector works the same as the theme selector, you cycle with left/right and apply with cross (X)
You can choose between: "ms0:/", "ef0:/" if on a GO, and "flash0:/"

Source- QJ