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Thread: Need help with blackops .iso

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    Need help with blackops .iso

    So today I got a blackops iso and burned it onto a maxwell dvd-r disc. I know cd are out of date but my 1tb external hdd broke so I am stuck with using cds until i get a new harddrive. but anyways when i try to load the cd threw neogamma i get "error (1208) disc id". It is a good ISO. I burned it at x2 can anyone help me please. I am running wii 4.1 system menu

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    Try your retail disc.
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    Black ops Backups are hard on your wii's eye. It has a lot of info on it. I would not use a backup to long. Check the website of your HDD there may be a warranty on it. On the disk part I would try Verbatim. Have no idea what that code is sorry. Good Luck.


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