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Thread: NANDEmu WiFi Not Initializing

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    NANDEmu WiFi Not Initializing


    I'm using sorg's NANDEmu to store songs for GH6. Everything in that regard is fine. However, for some reason, WiFi doesn't always initialize properly when I start my Wii. Most of the time it will, other times it won't. Sometimes I even get disconnected after a few minutes of gameplay. It seems completely random. It wouldn't be a big deal, but my Wiimote constantly goes out of sync if my Wii isn't connected to the internet. For the record, I am using a clean NAND, but it happened with my own NAND as well.

    Anyone have any ideas? I've already tried UNEEK and uLoader; the former won't boot GH6 and the latter's emulated NAND function does not work for GH6 (last I checked).

    Thanks in advance.

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    For general WIFI issues:
    - Try different Modes on your WLAN-Access-POINT: 802.11b, 802.11b+g, 802.11g
    ( For me 802.11b works best )
    - Manualy setup your Wii-Wifi-Setting and change MTU-setting to 1492 or 1480
    For WIFI issues in GH:WOR(6):
    - Wait until Main-Menu appears and if you get a message "Not connected to WiFi-Connection" enter
    'Options'->'Save Game'->'abort' and you should get a message "Connected to WiFi-Connection" after a few seconds.
    If NOT... try again...
    Now all songs should be playable online/offline

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    Unfortunately, my router has literally zero configuration options, so I can't try the first thing. I will try the other two and report back. Thanks.

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    No go with the MTU settings, but doing save/exit repeatedly works well. Would this be an issue with the game itself then, and not NANDEmu or my wireless settings?


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