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Thread: Update cios

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    Update cios

    OK so I have not had to do anything to the Wii in over 18 months.
    But the kids wanted that Just Dance 2 so now I have problems mind you small probs

    I understand I have to do the cIOS224 [57] v5.1
    Just wanted to make sure this won't screw anything up.

    I did the 4.2 softmod that started like this
    "ATTENTION: Heavy sarcasm or even reading room awaits anyone that asks an answered on this very guide question... You have been warned!"

    And I just did the cIOS249 v19 (Base IOS57 v5661).wad to get COD BO to work.

    So is it OK just to install the wad >?<

    And then do I uninstall the old USB Loader GX and install the new one >?<

    Thanks for any help.

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    Yeah it's fine to update your cIOS. How do you have USB Loader GX installed?
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    I have it installed as a channel in the Wii not the memory card.
    But I have about 5 extra memory cards now so I would like to install it on the memory card now to save room on the Wii.
    Thanks for the help

    I Installed the 224wad and deleted USB Loader GX (uninstall wad)
    Now I can't install the new or even the old USB Loader.
    What am I missing here
    Same error 1029

    I did this
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    OK so it looks like after re reading the howto I have cIOS 37 installed.
    Whats the best way to remove that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAR748 View Post
    OK so it looks like after re reading the howto I have cIOS 37 installed.
    Whats the best way to remove that.
    What ever cios rev you want to use at 249, just install it over the top of 17. What cios rev do you want there?
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    That's the one I need for the kids to be able to play the Just Dance 2 game correct

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    So do I reinstall the old 249 from the first softmod
    Then what cios should I put to be up to date.
    Would like to get this up and going again

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    I would really like to get this going again.
    Should I just reinstall the files from the first softmod or is there something better now.
    System works off DVDs but no USB nor is it installed now. And won't let me reinstall.
    Please help


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