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Thread: problem with wiikey fusion

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    problem with wiikey fusion

    hey guys,

    i just got my wiikey fusion in the mail today and installed it in my wii.
    when i insert a backup disc it shows up in my disc channel. i click that and then click start but the screen goes black and just sits there. how do i fix this?

    there was a sticker on the package that said i must update to 1.5. i looked on the wiikey website and i need my serial number. one way is to get it from the wiikey (but i dont want to open the console again) and another is through the wiikey fusion menu. it says that i need to put a game on sd card then insert it in to the wiikey card reader. what format does the game need to be in when its on the sd card? .iso? or do i need to unpack the .iso before transferring it to sd card?
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    so i got my wii working just now. here is how i did it if there are any people experiencing the same thing.

    i loaded a game to SD card then put it in to the wii. went to the game cube channel and found my serial number.
    used the serial number to download the v1.5 update for wiikey fusion.
    updated wiikey fusion.
    updated my wii to 4.3u (i am aware that i wont be able to play games from other regions with this update but that doesnt bother me at all)


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