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Thread: Having trouble loading COD3 via my USB Loader

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    Having trouble loading COD3 via my USB Loader

    I have a modded wii(done by a friend). I am trying to install COD3 and it installs no problem. When I go to play it, it freezes up. Any advice? THANKS!

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    Might want to ask your friend on what he did to mod it. Without details on what was done to your wii it will be hard to troubleshoot. This will help us as well:

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    If you had searched for problematic games you would have discovered that that game will not run from usb. It will only run from disc (it can be a backup disc, but must be a disc).

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    YARP runs from disc and you have to patch the disc to get it to run under cios 249

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    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. FYI, after posting this, I did some poking around and did locate a "list" of problematic games. With that being said, what are my options? I currently have a copy that I am trying this game out on. Once again, thanks!

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    Your options are:

    A) Play from your disc.


    B) Play from your disc.
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