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Thread: nsmb error need help

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    nsmb error need help

    before i decide to explain my problem. I'm going to say i been up and down these forums and looked for every possible answer before i even decided to make a post seeing the as the search button is my friend.

    i followed the guides as is before i got my error.
    i used this guide to install and back up everything
    softmod-any-wii.html using the smash stack and i used to fix the nsmb

    then i backed up the game using the same guide. when i came to discover the nsmb reading error. so i went on and decided to use this
    seeing as i'm a little to late alot of the links are down and i'm not sure if i'm a cios user but i can tell you i used the disc obviously and i dont use sd cards to play it. but i ask myself do i even have that cIOSCORP 3.5 maybe that would fix but i dont know if it would jack my stuff up.

    another thing i have read is neogamma has to be a cIOS249rev14 mine is cIOS249rev 17 which would i asssume also fix it.

    my question is how exactly do i go about this? do i attemp to get my neo gamma to a rev14? do look into the cioscorp 3.5 and try installing that. or do i look for alternate links for the patching of the disc? i'm lost.

    ty for your help

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    I wouldn't recommend installing cioscorp, espescially not just for one game. You should think about usb loading. To change your CIOS (custom ios) to 249 rev 14 have a look at this guide, it explains alot about cios and installing it.

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    Ty Pob3008 but i guess you can say i dont use usb loading cause i only have a 2gb sd card


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