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Thread: USB Loader GX some games worked before and don't now

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    Us USB Loader GX some games worked before and don't now

    I am relatively new to using the USB loader GX, and have been having a problem getting some games to play lately. Games that used to work have stopped working. I recently did the Wii Update, which I have already had my Wii patched to accept, but in the process some of my options have changed. I noticed 2, 1 being I now have a theme menu and downloader, and the other my gameload settings options have changed. I used to have to use the autopatch and ios 222, but now it doesnt seem that way on most games. My default settings are as follows

    Video Mode: Disc Default
    VIDTV Patch: OFF
    Game Language: Console Default
    Patch Country String: OFF
    Ocarina: OFF
    Game IOS: 249
    Parental Control: 0 (Everyone)
    Error 002 Fix: Anti
    Return To: OFF
    Alternate DOL: Default
    Select DOL Offset: Not Required
    Black IOS Reload: OFF
    Game Lock: OFF

    Most of the settings are different from what they used to be. I am not sure what version I have or even how to check it, ever since the update its like a whole new program to me. With any answers please provide details, so if you need information I can provide it. Most noteable one of the games that doesn't work is Just Dance 2. I have tried altering its settings, but I go to the game, the screen goes black, and it goes back to the Wii menu. When I check the settings everything is back to default. HELP PLEASE!

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    I assume you mean that you updated GX through the wii, not that you updated the wii itself. GX is kind of buggy in the update department, the best way to update it is by deleting the existing files (all of them related to gx) and then download and copy the new ones to your card or usb device.
    {Guide} Preparing and Installing USB Loader GX

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    I used the Update in my options while in the USB Loader.


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