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Thread: Softmodded 4.3u Black Wii for Sale

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    Its cosmetically in great condition and is in excellent working condition. Only had it since December 2010. I'm just getting bored with it so i'm selling it. It includes Everything I bought originally with the bundle, like the Wii Sports and Resorts, the cords, the black wii-mote + internal motionplus, the nunchuck. etc. even the packaging stuff XD

    In addition to everything that came originally with it, I'm tossing in
    -the 2gb SD Card i use with it, which will include a NAND backup
    -a 2nd Blue Wii-mote (, its new so the motion plus is included inside along with the cover.
    -a barely used Resident Evil 4 game (the actual game disc)

    In terms of the mod, It comes with the basic necessary things, following this guide:

    like priiloader, bootmii, configurable usb loader, all the cIOS needed to run backups, wiimc, homebrew. Unfortunately since its the black wii, it won't run burned DVD backups. However, running backups from an external HDD as you know is better anyways.

    I'm selling for just 100 + 15 priority shipping, with insurance and delivery confirmation. paypal only.

    Optionally, I'll include a Western Digital My passport 500 gb harddrive for an extra 30 dollars, obviously re-formatted for you again. It works great. Its just has cosmetic blemishes. Its the best external HD model to use with USB loader (from experience and research). loads fast, no problems.

    Click link for pictures.

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    Can you send me pics of this stuff! And would you be interested in a partial trade?

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    What do you have? I would really rather not as I had intended to use the money from this sale to subsidize a recent purchase I made. But if you have something i might want then I'll consider. PM me about it.

    Here's a link to the pictures of the stuff
    Would've put it on originally but I hadn't gotten around to taking the pictures yet.

    feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!

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    check your inbox, you have a pm.


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