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Thread: Is dumping from wii bad for it?

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    Is dumping from wii bad for it?

    Just a question, using the wii to dump, is that bad for it?

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    its not good for it =P, but its not TOO bad, but its HIGHLY not recomended

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    Looks like im looking for a lg drive thanks

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    If you dump using Wi-Fi, it's just like playing a normal Wii game. Just normal wear and tear, it shouldn't do much damage at all.

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    It's over usage. For every game, it'll take 3 to 4 hours of constant drive spinning and laser reading. Even when playing games, the disc loads data into the cache so it doesn't have to be constantly used.

    If you're going to burn a few games, sure. It's more cost effective. If you're going to be dumping quite a few games, just pony up for the LG.

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