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Thread: Lagging issues with games, updates required?

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    Lagging issues with games, updates required?

    I got my new drviekey V2 installed. When I first installed it, I was using menu 4.3 and all of my backups came up with a disk error. I ended up formatting the Wii back to the original settings and most of my backups work now aside from some stuttering issues with intro videos like Pokemon Pokepark.
    I have tried three different download sources for DJ Hero 2 and all have given the same results. When playing in career mode, the game will freeze and lag to the point where it becomes unplayable. I am using Verbatim DVD-R on 4X. Is this a known issue and should my Wii have any updates since it is formatted to factory settings. I have drivekey set on import but its not connected on the internet for updates. The Wii is about 3 years old as well.
    I am also having a problem playing PAL games, I get a disk error. Region override is on and the chip is set to NTSC-U as it should be.

    Thank you very much for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetnlow
    I have tried three different download sources
    Uh Oh.

    Piracy isn't supported, my friend.

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    2. Piracy and cheating are neither condoned nor supported by WiiHacks. WiiHacks resources and activities support the precepts of “fair use” of the games purchased by our members.

    a) Asking for or providing information, assistance, sources for, or direct provision of pirated materials, theft, or other illegal activities violate site rules.
    b) There are to be no links to sites that directly provide illegal or pirated material. Members are not to directly provide material or links that provide material in violation of copyright to others using the communications resources of the site. Such material includes, but is not limited to, commercially available Wii game ISOs and WiiWare and Virtual Console games. As a copy of the Wii's NAND may have copyrighted downloadable content, a link to a NAND copy may only be posted if specifically requested by site staff in the Brick Forum.
    c) To assist our members in making backup copies of their legally purchased games, members are allowed to identify and provide links to sites that list or track sources of game ISOs. Links to open source material are allowed.
    d) WiiHacks does not provide support for game cheating or cheat codes. Do not request or provide cheat codes or assistance in game cheating.
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