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Thread: Newbie with a couple of questions

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    Newbie with a couple of questions

    I have just started this,I have the softmod HB,my first 4 burns were perfect (topspin 3,Super Mario Sluggers,Madden 09,Mario Kart) on dvd-r,the last three ive tried on dvd plus r and made 2 coasters,so im guesing it is true that dvd-r IS the format to use,also of the four i have burned successfully,I can only play the game in single player mode,no 2pl,3pl,or 4pl,is this right,can you only play 1 player?Thanks

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    Yes it is, but its for tech reasons not working reasons

    what game, sometimes its a bad burn, bad media, bad iso, bad program

    i would say gamma is the reason but

    try 2x, 4x
    try verbatim
    try another iso


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    OK thanks I will try it,I was burning at 2x,on maxell dvd-r with clone dvd


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