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Thread: DSi Homebrew Channel

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    DSi Homebrew Channel

    This will only work if you have the sudokuhax on your DSi/XL. It will only load homebrew, do don't expect anything more.

    Source- GBatemp


    Copy boot.nds to the root of your SD card
    Run sudokuhax
    Select homebrew with d-pad then press A.
    Up/Down - cursor up/down
    Left/right - cursor up/down x 10
    L/R - jump to end/start of folders or files


    Loads homebrew from SD card
    16 level battery monitor
    Current date + time display
    Username display
    Loads photos taken with the DSi (when transferred to the SD card)


    Loads ONLY homebrew, you should expect nothing more.
    Currently can only use up to 2gb SD cards, that is a limitation of the current libnds.
    Currently no settings, even if there were some, they can't be saved anyway (SD access is currently only read only).

    Thanks to Team Twiizers for the original sudokuhax exploit and spinal_cord for the HBC.

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    nice post bout time for homebrew channel on dsi lol
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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