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    Smile hi

    im new to the wii hacking scene
    i buy a wii last year and didn't upgraded it since and now im trying to upgrade to 3.2 whitout succes with any region changer and cIOS Downgrader v1.1 and 1.2

    i love modifying electronic things and im presently working on installing backup loader on my wii and MacOSX on my pc via iDeneb

    see ya


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    Quote Originally Posted by dextor123 View Post
    MacOSX on my pc via iDeneb
    I would have thought ubuntu Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu is a no brainer. a solution that works much better than iDeneb and looks as slick as a mac too

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    yeah i heard of ubuntu but i really want to get apple since i would like to try all thoses apple apps and because i was a mac addict back in the macos 8.6 times


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