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Thread: Can I play backups on 3.4?

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    Can I play backups on 3.4?

    Hey guys. I have the wii update called version 3.4.

    Can I play backups of games on version 3.4?

    If so, How?

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    Uhm... That link is for homebrew channel. I already have that installed.

    I want to play backups of wii games on my wii.

    That doesnt tell me how.

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    u need to do the downgrade then u need to do the zelda hack

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    Again. doesnt awnser my question. I asked if I can do it on 3.4. Not 3.3.

    I've already done the zelda hack.

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    Also, how do I install wads on 3.4? I tried and it wont let me. (I'm using wadmanager 1.1)

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    YOU MUST DOWNGRADE, search the forum on how, its very simple

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    you need to downgrade

    NINTENDO has blocked those things, and they require a lower firmware, not rocket science

    search for canada's post

    if u want a modchip, its fine no worries
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    I'm a bit confused as well now. You say you NEED to downgrade. I got my wii about three weeks ago, and got my D2pro v3 chip installed about a week ago. I don't have any form of softmodding, not HBC, not even the twilight hack, and i'm running 3.4E (because i was ignorant and excited when i turned it on the first time).

    I've tried 10-12 different back-up games so far, and all of them worked like a charm (except for ssbb but im starting to think its a bad iso). All i do is unrar, doublecheck region with brickblocker (i don't block the updates), burn and play.

    I realise that Victorinox knows quite a lot more about the world of wii than me, but it is my experience that 3.4 is not that big a problem...?

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    3.4 is only bad for software mods (without a modchip) and homebrew (i.e. installing wads for virtual console games)

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