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  • CycloWiz

    10 10.31%
  • WiiKey

    79 81.44%
  • WiiD

    3 3.09%
  • Wiip (Open Source)

    5 5.15%
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Thread: Best Mod Chip for the Wii

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    Best Mod Chip for the Wii

    Ok, This is a poll to decide which mod chip to get.

    Vote and let us know why you prefer that particular chip.

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    I say CycloWiz due to the support..

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    I think Cyclowiz is the better chip... but i do notice most modders are pushing the wiikey... not too sure why.. maybe either due to price or due to the fact there are so many clones of the wiikey that they can sell...

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    To be quite honest theres hardly anything between Cyclowiz and Wiikey besides the name. However I cant say anything about the support as I've never used it. Either way I know these 2 are top class chips, havnt had any experiece with the others.


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    the biggest difference ive spotted between the two are crowd relations.. the WiiKey targets the PAL crowd and the Cyclowiz is a bit more NTSC friendly.. Also the Cyclowiz v2 supports all regoin backups and the wiikey supports PAL JAP and PARTIAL NTSC..

    in all honesty though look at what the modchip stores are selling.. look at all the big stores online.. we're already on the next generation of modchips however all the sites that post desriptions are not up to date with current information

    oh and Freddy1986 if you were born in 1986 too congrats we're 21 now lets go drinking!!!!

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    openwii has become the favorite open source chip for the month of june....wonder what it will be next month?
    genuine wiikey is still in the #1 spot by a wide margin....since it's release.

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    I use a WiiKey myself, have had no problems with backups in NTSC format. I have ripped my own discs using the WiiKey 1.2 software as my friends have a ton of games. Currently have about 28 games, all of which are NTSC, all of which work perfectly. Can't say much about the cyclowiz, have never used one nor know anyone who has. From the research I did, however, they seem to be nearly exactly the same chip.

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    Has anyone tryed the Drive Key?


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