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Thread: Wii/PS3 VGA cable review

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    Wii/PS3 VGA cable review

    This is a review about the following cable:
    $25.27 - PC Monitor HDTV VGA Cable for PS3/Wii (1.5-Meter) - Playstation3

    I've bought this cable a while ago and I haven't used it for very long.
    To start off: if your goal is to connect your wii to your computer monitor, this cable is not the one you want.
    I haven't tested it at all with the PS3 so I cannot give any info on that.

    Every 2-5 minutes (pretty random), the screen drops out for a few seconds. Giving me only a black screen (while the game goes on, you can probably imagine how annoying that is). I should've looked around better before ordering it as reviews on multiple sites point out this flaw.

    Appearantly the problem is a combined problem of the wii and most computer monitors.
    According to some sites I've seen, the wii puts out a few frames of non 480p even if it is set up to 480p. The cable doesn't filter these out in any way, giving a nonworking signal to the monitor.
    The monitor tries to switch to the new signal, and when it sees the other signal it switches back. Monitors aren't made to quickly switch between modes so that's why the black screen for a few seconds.

    I've later tried the cable with a real TV with a VGA input (accepting both component and real VGA input)
    Here the problem doesn't seem to exist. Most likely the tv is filtering out the bad input that's coming over the cable.

    However, since this cable only accepts 480p from the wii, this cable will -not- give image on gamecube games or other stuff not running in 480p (forcing 480p in neogamma or going into progressive scan mode by holding B doesn't help)
    This might also affect virtual console games, I have no idea if these run in their own resolution or follow the wii setting.


    VGA adapter for the wii, nice if you only have one of those left in your tv

    Doesn't work properly with a PC monitor (no image for a few seconds at random timings)
    Doesn't work with gamecube games (and possibly other stuff)
    Component cables will do a better job for your TV probably

    It's not worth buying this cable, for not too much more you can probably find a better solution like a real convertor box.

    I've heard similar stories with other brand PS3/Wii VGA cables, so be cautious about those also.
    I hope this helps some people to not make the wrong decision.

    If you're looking for an alternative, look at this review:
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    nice review !! thanks for sharing it

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