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Thread: Can someone make this MOD for WII Scarface please?

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    Can someone make this MOD for WII Scarface please?

    Unfortunately I am only an Amazing Idea Man not a coder, so I cant code this myself.

    First I just want to point out that i know the majority of Wii games are aimed at kids.
    But that doesn't changed the fact that, case-in-point, both Scarface and The Godfather are two of the few wii games with an 18 certifificate.

    (WII dont have our own GTA, but they're as close as we'll ever probably get)

    Here goes

    My Mod Idea
    (If its even possible, to make "mods" for the Wii)

    Okay one of the first things I thought when I played both Scarface, and The Godfather - Blackhand Edition, was why, when I bust up a bank and steal all they're stuff isn't they're A LOT more drama. More people pleading for they're lives, more Quentin Tarantino-esq psychology.
    Being able to shove a Magnum .45 right down the Bank managers throuts, and telling him I am going to....Flowers Unders Copid Kings In Negotiations of Guilt, kill the Cabbies Under Newly wed Tennants Sidekicks, if he dont empty the Flowers Under Copid Kings In Negotiations of Guilt, I am going to Blow they're Flowers Under Copid Kings In Negotiations of Guilt Head off.

    People saying...heaven forbid.....the word......Flowers Under Copid Kings.....can I say that or are the admin going to send me to the naughty corner.....
    Anyhoo, bascially yeah.

    Watch the scene in "Killing Zoe" where the bank manager gets his brains blown out and the blood sprays against the side of the Vault, after Jean-Hughes Anglade asks 5 times for the Flowers Under Copid Kings In Negotiations of Guilt key. But there is nothing he can do because the vault is on a timelock and Claude doesn't understand...before he blows the brains out of another hostage.

    So. Just a "More Drama, and Pscychology, Bank Heist improvement" MOD for Scarface for the Wii, losely based on Killing Zoe, would be awesome.

    I love Killing Zoe, its easily as good as Tarantinos current work.

    A big Thankeraro for any of you who can make and shake it.

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    Did I come off like a jerk?? Read more here


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    This would require the game to be recoded.... and personally i dont think anybody cares..... Leave the game that way it is or find a buddy that can MAKE wii GAMES!!!!

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    I think someone is off there meds or needs anger management therapy. LOL J/K
    "Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help." - Eric S. Raymond


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