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Thread: Which Modchip to Choose??

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    Which Modchip to Choose??

    I'm looking into possibly getting a Wii and a modchip for it. While I have experience with XBOX mods, I'm new to the Wii community. I started looking around and noticed that there are a few different chips to choose from and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations, pros/cons or experiences that can help me narrow my search.


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    So I believe there is the:


    I have no idea what the benefits of each are....

    maybe a poll...

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    check out this might be able to help you... from the research i've been doing the Wiikey seems really good... but if your looking to save some money the Wiifree is like $6 if i'm not mistaking... check out the chart and see what you need and what u are willing to pay

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    Is the wiikey or other modchips compatible with all Wii's? I recently bought one 2 months ago and was wondering if it is compatible.

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    As far as ive heard, they are all compatible...

    i think there is one version where there is a change on the motherboard, but it can still be installed...

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    So i'm stuck deciding between Wiikey and Cyclowiz. It seems that everyone is available to install the Wiikey, but Cyclowiz seems to have more support / updates...

    Any suggestions?

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    i would get the wiikey!


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