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Thread: 3.4u & backups

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    3.4u & backups

    okay well i have the home brew channel and dvdx and cios installed so i can play backups. today i got wii fit and it updated my wii to 3.4u. to prevent any problems before it updated i went into anytitledeleter and deleted ios249 just incase. then i updated it and it was fine.
    right now my brother is playing wii fit but if i try to play my backups will they not work?
    if they won't then it there any way i can still manage to play wii fit and my backups. because i think if i downgrade my ios then next time i try to play wii fit it will ask me to update again but i am not too sure.

    i hope i can get some help

    thanks in advanced

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    if u have a modchip yes, if not no

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    actually i just reinstalled the cios249 with no prob and backups work


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