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Thread: SD-USB Loader v1.5 and Homebrew Channel not working

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    SD-USB Loader v1.5 and Homebrew Channel not working

    So i tried using the SD-USB Loader made by Wananiko(or something similar), and when I start up the loader and select the usb port, it says, "Drive not in WBFS format. Do you want to format?" I try formatting it but it says "Error<-06>. Thing is, i have used WFBS Manager to load a backup of my game onto the drive, with no problems. Its when the Loader tries reading it that i have the problem.

    I have a hard modded Wii, version 3.4, and am using a Sandisk 8GB Cruzer Blade Flash Drive, if that has anything to do with it.

    I have installed the Homebrew Channel as well, but I haven't connected the Wii to the internet, so i cant install any other USB loader through it as the icon on the bottom right corner of the screen keeps flashing. Instead of that I use the Twilight hack for now.

    Is there any way I can use the HBC without internet, and can anyone help with the USB Loader problem? Oh, and can i install any other USB Loader using the Twilight hack by itself?

    Would be glad if anyone can help me with any of these problems

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    Wow dude....Wanin's loader is ancient! If I'm not mistaken most if not all modern USB loaders are based off his original code. The icon that is flashing has nothing to do with downloading loaders. Those are the GeckoOS and internet connection icons. Most things on your Wii can be done without an internet connection to it via your PC and SD card. You can install a modern USB loader by downloading one and setting it up on your SD or Flash Drive...No need for the Twilight hack once you have the HBC installed. Seeing how far out of the loop you are and how and how ancient I'm assuming everything else probably is you might want to consider a total update of everything.
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