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Thread: cant install coverfloader on 4.3u wii

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    cant install coverfloader on 4.3u wii

    im trying to install coverfloader on my 4.3u wii but icant can someone plz tell me how to install it somethin like tutorial

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    May I ask why you want to install coverfloader, when in my opinion there are much better loaders out there!
    Loaders such as Configurable USB loader,USB loader GX,Wiiflow just to name a few?
    Use the search facility to find out more. Of course it comes down to personal choice though!

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    Ur right I dont want to install coverflow anymore thanks

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    link in my signature for cfg loader (recommended)
    thanks to bmarlo for this signature

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    Whats so bad about coverfloader

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    Quote Originally Posted by hades666
    Whats so bad about coverfloader
    It's out of date, I'm pretty sure.


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