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Thread: Soft-mod wii stop working

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    Talking Soft-mod wii stop working

    hello everybody...
    I have a 4.2u wii and it is softmodded and I've been playing for about 7-8 months, except for a couple of games.
    Today a friend of mine let me use his game Call of Duty Black Ops and, as you know, the game ask you to install some updates in order to play in multiplayer options....
    Guess what.. I updated it and now the Homebrew channel gets frezzed and do not upload the games in the HDD..
    So, would anyone please, suggest me what to do..

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    You have to re-softmod your wii..I believe the update on black ops takes you to 4.3 and removes the softmod..should be pretty simple since you already have homebrew channel..go to the tutorials section in the forum and there are plennty of guides to softmodding 4.3

    And on another note..cant stress this enough..get priiloader installed and block disc updates and online updates so this dont happen to you again

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