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Thread: Horrible drive grinding noise

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    Horrible drive grinding noise

    I just made a back up of No More Heroes on a Sony dvd-r at 4x. I've used Sony at 4x many times before and it never gave me any issues or made this crazy noise.

    Its sounds like when you first put in the it the drive is trying to read it. Only it doesn't stop making that sound when the game is playing. Especially when doing the side jobs and when freeroaming in the city.

    I thought it might be a bad iso so I burned it again with another iso and it still did the same thing.

    I stopped playing the game out of fear it may damage my drive. Have anyone ever experienced this? And what is causing it?

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    is this the only game that grinds this badly?

    are other games and originals like this?

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    yup only this game, og works perfectly too.

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    ya i have the same problem when i play call of duty 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmie View Post
    ya i have the same problem when i play call of duty 5
    its a HIGH load game, games that require more to load, make more frequent, and such sounds, i play online, and i hear it all day


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