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Thread: Bricked Wii 4.3U need fix

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    Bricked Wii 4.3U need fix

    My wii resets every time a channel is activated, but i am able to access homebrew channel through boot2. It bricked when i was attempting to follow instructions to install IOSs that would let me view dvds. I no longer care to get dvds to work, i simply wish to be able to use my wii like i did before. Any help would be very appreciated.

    I did not make a nand backup (started getting homebrew just the night before this happened, so i hadnt read that i needed one)

    If there is a program i can run off of homebrew channel, or a way to reset the ios's to original format through Dop-Ios mod (v11.4), that would be awesome.

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    (couldnt find edit button)

    Found out the problem, it was the fact that i used Dop-ios mod (v11.4) that caused the bug. if an administrator wishes to delete this, go ahead please.

    I fixed it by following the instructions by the maker of dop-ios mod, and downloaded v14.5 and ran system check, so my channels all work again.

    Panic attack averted... lol

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    How did you load 11.5 dop ios? From priiloader? or boot2 bootmii? Glad fixed it, that can be very bad on 4.3.
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    I actually loaded "dop-mii homebrew addition" (v14.5) through the homebrew channel as an app, hit the system check thingy, and it fixed it.

    dont think i have priiloader, but i did make a NAND backup of the wii in working condition, so i should be good


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