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Thread: Neogamma R8 autoboot, giving dvd read error 1179, but have cios installed

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    Neogamma R8 autoboot, giving dvd read error 1179, but have cios installed

    trying to use a rip from a few disc's

    pepa pig 2
    disney tangled,

    yes i have the originals and there on my usb hdd,

    but my friend has a wii that is modded, same set up as mine, just doesnt want to use usb for some reason,

    he likes disc's, so i took my back ups around so the kids could play...

    the rips work fine in my wii so i know there good...

    but on his wii
    in neogamma R8, which uses ios249 (rev 17)
    DVD rad error 1179 ???

    after looking up error code on google, btw (its NOT in error index) lol

    it seems that people are getting this when no ciso is installed, but its definitly installed on this wii,

    after racking my brains i installed cfg v60, and connected my hdd, deleted the games off it and then tried to reinstall via the disc's

    but on his wii, in cfg v60 usb loader trying to install game gets
    opening dvd disc .......OK
    and then
    wbfs panic - error reading disc????

    any ideas??
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