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Thread: need help - wii got downgraded from 4.3u to 4.2u

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    Exclamation need help - wii got downgraded from 4.3u to 4.2u

    Hi all need help

    few months back bought new wii , followed instruction , successfully (thanx to you guys) installed HBC.

    few days back followed steps from site downloaded wad 1.7 and ios and again followed the process , was able to play games from usb flash drive. (i think i have installed all wad) and it worked

    next day when played game from dvd - first thing it prompted that it has detected new wii update ( my wii is not connected with internet) , there was not cancellation option and my kid has updated it. i am guessing either i have copied some ios , thats how it has detected update i dont know, but then it stopped loading usb loader channel or gfx usb load , still hbc is working

    when i checked wii version it now shows 4.2u, which was earlier 4.3u

    i have back-up , which i took following Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

    can anyone tell me what to do now

    please let me know if need more details, sorry if any of above is not making any sense , i guess i am not good at wii things.

    Thanx in advance

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    That definitely makes no sense. When you update it doesn't go down in system in system menus, only up. Like if you are on say 4.1 and you choose to update you can go to 4.2 or 4.3 not down to 3.2 or 3.4. It requires effort on the users part via hacking to downgrade your SM. If anything you went the optional downgrade to 4.1 part of the guide without knowing and updated to 4.2. It all boils down to re-hacking your Wii and actually using PriiLoader to prevent this from happening again.
    "Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help." - Eric S. Raymond

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    thanx for prompt reply.

    i think what i have done is (not sure from which site i got this instuction)
    i have downloaded some usb loader and iso file and wad manager
    copied wad manager file in apps folder in wad manager , renamed to boot.dol
    copied usb loader to apps
    ios file to root and wad folder (where i saw multiple files)

    i have started wad manager , it showed me 26 files , i installed all of them

    installed ios , rebooted (because it went blank) - could i have installed wrong iso and it got downgraded ?

    when starting usb loader , it gives page fault error , when starting usb loader channel it just goes blank , would you be able to provide me what should i do next in order to play games again from usb ?

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    You need to remod your wii. I think what happened is that you followed Maui's guide and downgraded to 4.1 and did not realize that is what happened. Somehow failed to install or configure priiloader though. Then someone used a disc with the 4.2 update on it. Now your cios's are stubbed, you need to fix those. If you follow Maui's guide again, without skipping anything, you will be back in business on SM4.1. There is a link to the guide in my signature.

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    got it now , i will try that
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    Just do as suggested and follow Mauifrogs mod any wii guide. You will get ll the correct ios' and cios' installed + brick protection via priiloader ( a must have)

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    Many Thank !!!! its good now.

    last question , not much clear on this steps below, could you please suggest what i should do to prevent what it happened. as this happened in the first place because my kid tried to play game wii sport and it prompted to update.

    i have enabled block update disk /online both now again , will it prompt always , when ever we play games from original dvd. ?

    You can set you wii to boot the system menu, HomeBrew Channel, Priiloader, USBloader, and any other app you wish. Settings are found in priiloader, settings. Set the autoboot and return to what you like best.
    Example: Set the autoboot and return to installed file, now your wii will autoboot to your USBloader - Excellent option for those with kids.


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    you can avoid this problem by usb loading and not disc loading, other than that, priiloader will prevent all disc/online updates regardless

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