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Thread: Genesis Plus GX 1.5.0 - emulator updated

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    Genesis Plus GX 1.5.0 - emulator updated

    A port of Genesis Plus for the Nintendo Gamecube/Wii

    Genesis Plus is an emulator of the Sega Genesis / Sega Megadrive. This is a port of Charles MacDonald's Genesis Plus to the Wii, with a lot of improvements.

    • Preferred PAL Mode: Any (automatic TV mode detection, no more PAL60 version needed).
    • Display mode : 480p, 480i, 576i, 240i, 288i, 288p and 240p
    • Supports Zip compressed rom images.
    • Genesis 4 players multitap adapters (Sega TeamPlayer and EA 4-Way Play) support
    • Game Genie & Action Replay cheat code support
    • Sega Mouse & Sega Mega Mouse
    • Sega Menacer & Konami Justifier lightguns. 2 lightgun has the same time supported.
    • SVP DSP (Virtua Racing)
    • and a lot more, read the included user manual for details.

    download - genplus-gx-1.5.0
    source - genplus-gx - A port of Genesis Plus for the Nintendo Gamecube/Wii - Google Project Hosting

    changelog v1.5.0

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    * added Master System compatibility mode emulation (automatically enabled when loading ROM file with .sms extension).

    Hmm...So Gen Plus GX now supports the Master System?!?!? Nice. I'll have to test today. It looks like eke-eke is trying to take this the way of Kega Fusion. Now if he adds .GG support SMSPlus will be useless.
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