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Thread: new people getting/got a wii

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    new people getting/got a wii

    since i FORSEE, and im sure this topic will be ignored, i want to remind people *to cut down on forum topics, and questions on the same things..

    Meaning SEARCH before posting a question or a new thread..chances are it's already been covered over and over .....We have a nice place for those those don't...its called "The Reading Room" with a minimum stay of 3 days

    i am as always, on MSN, and AIM, and willing to anwser questions/help you out as long as the questions and answers are not already covered on this forum

    Msn : (not a real email anymore =P)
    Aim : darkpetfluffy (really old, too lazy to change)

    in addition, i want to remind everyone, who just got a wii
    super simple info you might need
    • all but the VERY latest, drives, can just use a wii clip, make sure to look it up before buying, theres a good chance you got epoxy (stuff that covers the drive chip, but still modable) or missing drive chip (softmod only atm, but you can replace the drive or drive pcb)
    • homebrew channel, can be installed on all firmwares, Beta 2 = 3.4, and beta 1 = 3.3 or lower, if you have a modchip, and 3.2 or lower you can use a ISO to install
    • the "best" discs, are Verbatim -R, or Tiayo Yuden from Singapore, or Japan
    • Modchips are still the best mods...if you dont have a can get them from our sponsors.... or you can load backups POORLY, Via GAMMA
    • best firmware is 3.2, if you got higher its recommended to downgrade, for many reasons, i wont list them, so just know its the best.
    • wii ware, and VC games, can be installed Via wad manager, and can only be installed on 3.2 unless you edit a higher firmware *isnt worth the hassle just downgrade*
    • Animal crossing, Need for speed, and a few other games, require IOS 38, 53, and 55, their in the DL section use Wad Manager, and install them

    for MOST/ALL of the best guides, commonly asked questions, downloads, and anything else you would probly want/need go here

    i hope this helps the people whom get a wii, for a season gift, and a happy holidays to everyone *also if someone thinks this should be moved, feel free*
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