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Thread: Im with a WiiFlow 1.1, what the best i can do?

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    Question Im with a WiiFlow 1.1, what the best i can do?

    Hello I bought a wii with homebrew and wiiflow 1.1 intalled, what do you recomend me? update wiiflow to 2.2 or remove it and install usb loader gx?

    Thanks alot

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    But whats better, wiiflow 2.2 or loader gx 2.0??

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    What is better depends on personal opinion!
    Give wiiflow ago, if you dont like it try USB Loader GX.
    There are other loaders too, like CFG USB loader and uloader.
    Everyone has their own favorite, and there are plenty to choose from.

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    i just want to play my games withou a beep on my ramote, and stay updated to loaders cool new features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafael Lages View Post
    stay updated to loaders cool new features.
    That would require you to update. Look at the links Richardsito gave you. You may want to do a little research as to how your wii has been modded as well. You may need more things updated that just your wiiflow. Do some research, knowledge is power!

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